Payment Issues

All payments made on Cinevesture are powered by Stripe. All amounts are either in INR or in USD; our membership fees are subject to applicable taxes.

You can go through the Terms and Privacy Policy of Stripe for more clarity.

Billing Details

First and foremost, you need to add your billing address and GST Details (optional) for the invoice to be generated. Once you land on the subscription page a pop will appear asking for these details. Incase that does not happen, follow these steps – 

  1. Go to Profile > Membership & Billing
  2. Click on pencil icon next to Billing Address
  3. Add details and click Submit

Once these details are added to your account they will automatically reflect in your annual payment receipt.

Accepted Payment Methods

All payments for Cinevesture are billed in either Indian Rupees or in U.S. Dollars. Currently we are accepting payments via credit and debit cards. You can safely enter your card details via our secure server where your information is protected, which encrypts all submitted information. We are able to accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard / Eurocard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express 
  • Diner’s Club International (U.S. billing addresses only)
  • JCB 
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • China UnionPay (Credit Card Only)
  • Visa or MasterCard debit cards

For Non-US Members, please ensure the following: 

  • International spending and transactions must be activated
  • Enabled for e-commerce transactions

We’re unable to accept cash, checks, money orders, PayPal, gift cards (including Amazon gift cards), or cards from providers not listed above.

Card Declined

A charge can be declined for a variety of reasons. Usually, the error message should provide a hint about the nature of the problem. If you’re having trouble submitting your payment information, please review the following reasons your payment may have been declined:

  • A typo in the card number. Try entering your card number again.
  • If your card hasn’t expired, verify that the expiration date matches your card.
  • Your name and billing address match the details on file with your bank.
  • Check with your bank about adjusting daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Payment declines may be due to these limits set by your bank.
  • The three-digit CVV/CVC security code normally found on your card is not supported. If the code is required by the issuing bank, payments may not process successfully.

If the charge is declined, we recommend waiting a few minutes before trying again. Your card may have specific restrictions which cause the transaction to be declined. If you’re still experiencing issues with the charge being declined, we recommend contacting your bank or card provider who can provide further details about the transaction charge.

I didn't sign up for Pro. Why was I charged?

We take billing inquiries seriously and will be happy to help resolve this issue. If you don’t believe you’ve registered as a Pro member, please contact our Customer Service team with the following information:

  • the card-holder name (exactly as it appears on the credit card)
  • the type of card (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • the last 4 digits of the card
  • the expiration date of the card
  • the zip code of your billing address (where you receive your credit card statement)
  • the date of the charge
  • the amount of the charge

To provide this information, please write to us at

Why does it say my membership is suspended when I log in?

Upon login, if you receive a message saying your membership is suspended, it may have been suspended due to a pending payment. You just need to provide another credit or debit card and renew your membership.

If you recently paid your membership fee, but are seeing the message that your membership is suspended, you may be logging into a separate membership. To access the paid account, you’ll need to use the same email and password registered to your active membership. 

If you have any trouble accessing your active membership, please write to us at

How do I obtain a receipt for the Membership purchased?

You will receive an email confirmation with an invoice once you buy your membership plan. 

Incase you don’t receive the email, please contact us on and we will share a pdf with you.