Cinevesture utilises the power of the audio-visual medium to help you to pitch your business proposal. Some of you, particularly filmmakers, would already be familiar with the concept of pitching your project. We believe this tool can be used efficiently to pitch your skills, services, projects, and proposals across the entire spectrum of the film and media business. And thus we have created this TOOL KIT to help you prepare and deliver a great and compelling video while posting your profile, projects and services on Regardless of the work you do, for ease of reading, we are going to use the term “Presenter” while talking you through these interactions and suggestions. When we write the word “Project“, it includes your skills, services, facilities, and corporate & creative proposals.

Please go through this document carefully!


A video pitch includes a piece-to-camera wherein the presenter[s] talks about his/her/their project along with visuals (stills/video) that introduce their sphere of work to the potential client/buyer/emplyer. A video pitch is a great tool because it is the best way of engaging a potential audience in a short time.

Video Pitch is not a trailer of your film.

However, you can use visuals (still or moving) set over an apt music/voice-over that best describes the look and feel of your project. The idea should be to introduce the viewers to the atmosphere that you want to create in your project. Take a look at these References to get an idea of what is expected –

1) Pitch Video 1

1) Pitch Video 2

* For representational purposes only.


Mention the Basic

Title and category of the work you do will help the audience to understand the tone of your pitch. Please use the English title for ease of communication.

Keep it short & simple

Clearly define the scope of your presentation. Don’t elaborate too much on ‘what your work is about’. Instead talk about what ‘happens’ in your work.

Why this proposal?

Use the video pitch to share passion, the meaning of your work, what drives you and thrills you about the project.

Subtitle It

We encourage and support diversity of language and suggest you use the language you are most comfortable with. However, regardless of the language your video pitch is in, please use English Subtitles at all times to ensure greater reach of your proposals.

Bring your personal voice to the pitch

Be who you are. If you are quiet and shy, don’t feel compelled to deliver an aggressive pitch.

Make sure we can hear you

Good audio is key. Shoot your video in a quiet space to eliminate ambient sound.

Be aware of the tone of your pitch

The tone of your pitch should match the tone of your story.



1. Look into the camera as you are directly pitching to the viewer.

2. Make sure your camera supports video playouts in HD (.mov/.mp4 format).

3. The image resoultion will need to be above 1280×720. The most preferred resolution will be 1920×1080.

4. Test Run.

5. Use a microphone for better sound and clear audibility.

6. Light it up.

7. Make sure your face is clearly visible throughout the video.

8. Follow 16:9 aspect ratio. A different aspect ratio will lead the video to be compressed on screen.

9.Before uploading your video, show your pitch to your friends and family to gain their reactions. This will give you a rough idea of its impact on your target clients.

10. Upload the video as PRIVATE on your Youtube or Vimeo account (or any other cloud based app that allows you to upload and share) and share the URL on the projects page.


1. The duration of the video should not exceed 3 minutes.

2. Make sure the Video Pitch file doesn’t exceed 2 GB.

3. Don’t read from a paper. Prepare and practice before you record, or use a teleprompter app while recording your video.

4. The font size of any text should not be below 25 points.


1. Duration – 3 minutes maximum

2. Max. File Size – 2 GB

3. Text Size – 25 points or more

4. Aspect Ratio – 16:9

5. Format – .mov/.mp4 (in HD)

6. Preferred Image Resolution – 1920×1080