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We know how vital it is for you to find people and projects that are the right fit for you, and our search functions are engineered to aid you to do this effectively.
a. How Search Works

The Cinevesture search algorithm uses client-generated information to match your query to the content of the project/proposal, using the keywords that have been mentioned in various sections of the profile such as, category, skills, title, and description.

We currently support the following functions:

  • All of these words — This search function will show you job listings that include all of the keywords you input, regardless of the order in which they appear. If you search “content marketing writer,” results will only include jobs that include the words “content,” “marketing,” and “writer.”
  • Any of these words — This search function will show you jobs that include at least one of the keywords you input. If you search “content marketing writer,” results will show jobs that have the word “content,” “marketing,” or “writer,” or combinations thereof.
  • The exact phrase — Just as it sounds, this search function will show you jobs that include your input keyword(s) exactly as you entered it. If you search “content marketing writer,” results will only include job posts that use that exact phrase word-for-word.
b. Find a Project

Your projects page shows rows of all the projects offered on our platform organised by category. You can narrow these suggestions by using keywords and further, by selecting various filters from the menu.

You will find the recently added projects under the New/Newest Projects category on the projects page.

Perform a Project search

  1. Go to Projects
  2. Scroll the page, or use keywords or use the filters at the top to further narrow your results. Some filter options are:
    1. Genre
    2. Category
    3. Looking For
    4. Project Stage
    5. Country
    6. Language
    7. Skills
  3. Click on a Project to view further details.

If you’re interested in the project, click Contact Now to reach out to the concerned person.

To find similar projects, scroll down the selected project page until you see a list of Related projects/Recommended

To make it easy to find the projects that match your requirements, you can save the ones you are interested in applying for later by clicking on the ♡ and adding them to your Favourites.

Work with Enterprise Clients/Finding an Enterprise Project

Cinevesture Enterprise clients range from fast-growing start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies and tend to have large teams of experienced hiring managers and hundreds of active projects.

Working with these clients can provide you with access to more high-quality opportunities and a steadier stream of work. This means less time searching and more time spent working.

c. Find Talent (Industry Guide)

Disclaimer: Cinevesture is responsible only for putting you in touch with the agency or member/representative and all that follows is outside the purview of what we provide on this platform. Payments to the agency or freelancer hired are also made discreetly, outside of Cinevesture.

When searching for freelancers or agencies, your primary focus should be finding the right fit for your company and your project. At Cinevesture, we offer a variety of talent enlisted under our Talent Marketplace called the Industry Guide.

Perform a Talent search

  1. Go to Industry Guide
  2. Search by keywords, or use the filters to receive specific results. Filters are a powerful tool for refining your search to get better matches. Filter options will include:
    1. Name
    2. Location
    3. Talent Type
  3. Go through the options and click on a profile of your interest to view further details.

To initiate a conversation, click on the Contact Now button present on the left side of the profile. You can then enter a subject line and a message to send an email to the respective person.

To find similar kinds of people with similar skill sets, scroll down the search results page to see a list of Related people/Recommended.

You can mark a profile as your favourite by clicking on a ♡ at the top right corner of the profile. You can later view all the marked profiles in the favourites section of your own profile.

Hire an Enterprise

Hiring an agency can be beneficial for larger multi-faceted projects. Agencies can provide teams of freelancers to work on different tasks simultaneously or a representative to assist you with your listed task.

Agency members also appear in search results along with independent freelancers. This lets you know there is an agency involved and helps you evaluate both the individual freelancer and the agency as a whole.

Advisory Note:

**Remember, to hire the agency—you will need to hire a member of the agency. When you hire an agency member, the agency will be notified at every step and may choose to be involved in the relationship. They may negotiate the rates, participate in the interview, or even remain involved during the contract. It is up to the agency to decide – how they manage its relationships with its members. Most importantly, all agency contracts must be direct with the agency rather than the representative mentioned on the contract. To reiterate, Cinevesture is not responsible for how you conduct your business post initial contact.