Build a Community

Take your business to the next level with peer support
  • From time to time, Cinevesture will host online/offline meetings for professionals to interact and take their businesses to the next level.
  • Attendees will be able to discuss experiences and challenges, share solutions and brainstorm.
  • Admission will be limited and can sometimes be by invitation only.
  • They are free of charge.
  • If you would like us to host such meetings on any specific subjects, please write to us at
Cinevesture Community

Since Cinevesture is a new venture, we anticipate several queries, concerns and issues that might need resolution from time to time. We also hope to receive suggestions on how we can help you best. Cinevesture would be conducting weekly webinars (links would be shared each month) as per the times and days indicated below to address these issues –

  Day Time
1. First Wednesday of every month 11am-12 Noon GMT
2. Second Wednesday of every month 5-6 pm GMT
3. Third Wednesday of every month 11am-12 noon GMT
4. Fourth Wednesday of every month 5-6 pm GMT
Opportunities for Connection and Career Development

These would be created through our Workshops, Training Courses, Webinars, Masterclasses, Focus Groups and Networking Events.